Monday, June 27, 2011

Daniel Shea

Images by Daniel Shea of Chicago, Illinois.  © 2007 Daniel P. Shea. All rights reserved.
From the series Removing Mountains
1.  Slurry Impoundment
2.  Hell's Gate
3.  Dump Truck
4.  Mountaintop Removal Site
5.  Coal-Fired Power Plant
6.  Contaminated Waters
7.  Mountaintop Removal Site
8.  Coal Miners
9.  Mountaintop Removal
These images examine the implications of modern coal-mining processes (known as mountaintop

removal) in the Appalachian Mountains. The photographer lived in West Virginia for three months

while working on this project. To find out more, check out Daniel's site.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Douglas D. Prince

Images by Douglas D. Prince of Portsmouth, New Hampshire
© 1972-1997  Douglas D. Prince.  All rights reserved.
From the series Multi-Negative Silver Prints
1.  Adel and the Lightening (1972) 
2.  Bones and Body (1997)` 
3.  Brian Building Monuments (1996)
4.  Brian Under the Curtain (1996)
5.  Brian, Snake, and Mountains (1979)
6.  Case with Sandpile (1994)