Editor + Artist List

Shea Naer is the founder and editor of imageT90. This online gallery is decidedly free from editorializing. The intention is to feature thought-provoking work from an international roster of artists. At the present time, unsolicited submissions are not being requested. Should you wish to contact Shea, please e-mail  imageT90@gmail.com
Links to Artists
The artists' names are listed in the order in which their work was posted to the forum.
Charis Tsevis   http://www.tsevis.com/
Christy Karpinski   http://www.christykarpinski.com/
Matthew Goddard-Jones   http://www.goddard-jones.com/
Carolyn Beller   http://carolynbeller.com
Tom Kittel   http://twkittel.com/
Justine Reyes   http://justinereyes.com
Suzanne Révy   http://www.suzannerevy.com/
Sol Neelman   http://solneelman.com
Cody Bratt   http://codybratt.com/
Carolyn Marks Blackwood   http://www.cmblackwood.com
Catherine Ruane   http://www.catherineruane.com
Kristina Lerner   http://kristinalerner.com/
Tyler Kandel   www.thekandelstudio.com
Douglas P. Prince   www.douglasprince.com
Antonio Faccilongo   http://www.antoniofaccilongo.it

Deborah Hamon   www.deborahhamon.com
Shelton Walsmith   www.sheltonwalsmith.com